Dave Portnoy, the founder of media company Barstool Sports, has been suspended from for 12 hours after he posted a screengrab of an email exchange he had with the editor of Business Insider.

Over the past eight months, the business magazine has published a lengthy expose accusing the Barstool Sports president of having rough sex with women as young as 19 filming them without consent, choking them and spitting on them.

Portnoy, 44, has vehemently denied these claims, and a representative from his show invited Business Insider editor-in-chief Nicholas Carlson onto his video podcast to discuss the story by reporter Julia Black in the screengrab posted to Twitter.

In the screengrab posted to Twitter, Carlson declined the invitation saying he ‚wanted the report to speak for itself.‘

The original screengrab, though, contained Carlson’s email address, and Twitter suspended him for 12 hours for ‚violating its rules against posting private information.‘ When Portnoy posted the email again – he used a version which omitted the Business Insider’s editor’s email.

Dave Portnoy, the president of Barstool Sports, posted on his Instagram story on Tuesday that he was suspended from Twitter for 12 hours after he posted a screengrab of an email exchange he had with Business Insider Editor-in-Chief Nicholas Carlson

In the email exchange, a representative for Portnoy’s podcast invited Carlson, right, on to discuss the allegations against Portnoy, left, which Business Insider has published over the past eight months

‚I got suspended from posting on Twitter for 12 hours for posting this,‘ Portnoy wrote on his Instagram story Tuesday, which featured the screenshot in question.

‚Keep in mind Nicholas Carlson posted my actual home address.‘ 

Carlson acknowledged that he posted an image containing Portnoy’s home address on Friday, writing: ‚Twitter users notified us that our redaction of Portnoy’s address was incomplete in a prior screen shot.

‚We deleted the image and tweet and sent another with better redaction to preserve his privacy.‘

DailyMail.com has reached out to Portnoy and Twitter representatives for comment.

Portnoy included a screengrab of the Twitter notification saying he was suspended for posting private information

On Friday, Carlson admitted he accidentally tweeted a photo showing Portnoy’s home address

But this isn’t the first time the Barstool Sports founder has been suspended from the social media network.

In June, some of his 2.5 million followers on the platform noticed his account had been suspended, with a message saying: ‚Twitter suspends accounts which violate the Twitter rules.‘

Portnoy had tweeted 11 times that day, serving up the usual mix of ‚bro‘ jokes, sports references and pizza reviews. 

In one he appeared to have an argument with a critic of shares in Penn National Gaming, which he holds: ‚So sell it.Mark your calendar. Dm me 1 year from today. Let me drop my nuts on your head.‘ 

He then tweeted a review of a pizza restaurant in Nashville, and joked about horse racing at Royal Ascot. 

But the account was then suspended, and the official account for Barstool Sports, a digital media company founded in 2003, tweeted directly to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, attaching a photo of Dorsey and Portnoy. 

‚Only one man can save us now @jack #FREEPORTNOY,‘ they wrote. 

Around 9:10 p.m., the account was restored.

It remains unclear why Portnoy had been banned that day. 

According to the site: ‚Twitter’s rules ban violence, harassment, sharing of private information and spam.‘ 

Asked why, a Twitter spokesman said: ‚We’ve no comment at this time however the account you reference has been reinstated.‘

Portnoy’s Twitter account was previously temporarily suspended in June

His latest suspension, though, comes in the wake of a lengthy, months-long expose in which three women accused Portnoy of having rough sex with them.

They have said the sexual encounters were consensual, but soon turned violent, and one woman claimed she was suicidal after having sex with him.   

One of the woman identified under the pseudonym Madison, who was 20 at the time of the alleged encounter, told she connected with Portnoy after messaging him on Instagram and later told him she fantasized about being raped.

‚You and I are going to get along so well,‘ he reportedly responded.

He allegedly bought her a first-class plane ticket to visit him in Nantucket, where she said they shared pizza and she performed oral sex on him. 

She told the outlet that he began videotaping the intimate moment without permission.

‚I never said anything,‘ she said.’I was scared.

‚He was just so mean.‘

The pair also had sex, and Business Insider shared an alleged text exchange between Madison and a friend after the hook up.  

It said: ‚It was so rough I felt like I was being raped he video taped me and spit in my mouth and choked me so hard I couldn’t breathe.

‚And it hurt and I was literally screaming in pain.‘

Madison added: ‚It was so painful.I kept trying to get away and he was like, ‚Stop running away from me. Stop running away from me.‘

She said he ‚went harder‘ after she protested.

One of the women who accused Portnoy of violent sex wrote in a text that she ‚felt like I was being raped‘ as he allegedly video taped the encounter

Another woman told Business insider that she too was choked and videotaped during sex without consent. 

She said she didn’t want to elaborate for fear of retaliation. 

‚I know how he is when someone goes after him,‘ she told the outlet.

And a third woman identified under the moniker Allison told Business Insider she was hospitalized with suicidal thoughts after having a fling with Portnoy inside his Nantucket house when she was 19.

‚He leaned in and started kissing me and I didn’t know what to do at that point,‘ she told the publication. ‚And we went upstairs and he was really aggressive and I didn’t know what to do and we had sex and that was it and he kicked me out.‘

The woman claimed Portnoy chocked her during sex and repeatedly spat in her mouth.

‚I was kind of scared,‘ she said.’I didn’t want to disappoint him.‘

She said two photos – a selfie of her and Portnoy and a snap of her leaving the house – soon circulated around the island community, exposing their fling.

‚I guess it was kind of my breaking point,‘ Allison told a reporter.

She was hospitalized three nights later suffering from mental health issues, but says she does not consider her encounter with Portnoy a sexual assault. 

Instagram influencer Ava Louiise also told Business Insider that she received a message from Portnoy reading: ‚I never reach out.I noted you 2 weeks ago and was interested‘

He reportedly added: ‚I thought about you a bunch last night.Not all wholesome all the time‘

Instagram influencer Ava Louiise also discussed her interactions with Portnoy during a Business Insider interview, saying she began chatting with him when she was 19 and he was 40.

‚I never reach out. I noticed you 2 weeks ago and was interested,‘ Portnoy said in a text to the teen, according to Insider. 

He later added: ‚I thought about you a bunch last night.Not all wholesome all the time.‘

She replied: ‚I wanna be famous so bad I’d be so good at it.‘

 ‚I’m a good start then,‘ Portnoy said.

Ava Louise said she ultimately decided not to hook up with Portnoy, and in hindsight found his behavior ‚predatory.‘

‚It’s every man that has followers or status of any sort, and it’s kind of, like, terrifying in a way,‘ she said.

Portnoy vehemently denied these allegations in a video statement on Thursday. 

He said in the 10-minute long video posted to his Twitter he had suspected an article would be published because his female friends had warned him of a reporter who spent the past eight months fishing for dirt on his sexual exploits.

Portnoy vehemently denied these allegations in a 10-minute video statement on his Twitter

‚It was making it sound like the story is already written; they’re trying to portray you a certain way,‘ he said.’I’m pretty confident in myself. I know I’ve never done anything weird with a girl – ever.‘

He said he was hoping the reporter would drop the story.

‚It became obvious she was going to continue to dig and dig and dig whether took four months, eight months, or eight years to fulfill the narrative she had already decided upon before she even started this article from day one.‘

He said all of the allegations levelled against him by the outlet are false. 

Portnoy said Madison’s recounting of their encounter was far from the reality of the situation, acknowledging that while they did hook up, it involved two willing participants.

‚At no point was it not 100 percent consensual, at no point did she ask me to stop,‘ he said.’At no point did either of us think something unseemly happen.

‚There was no weirdness after, it was totally fine.‘ 

He also said he met Allison after she sent him a direct message on social media, and added that while her depression was ‚f***ing awful,‘ there were no hints that their rendezvous left her feeling unwell.

Portnoy shared a text exchange he claimed was made between he and Allison after they met.

‚Miss my d*** yet?‘ he said.

‚Hahaha of course,‘ she replied, adding she was ‚in shock‘ he was continuing to message her.

He shared a text exchange he said he had with ‚Allison‘ after they slept together which proves they were on good terms

‚Those are the two accusations sexual nature that were dug up against me,‘ Portnoy said in his video.’The first one, I’ll never be able to prove my side of the story, ever. It’s a he said, she said. I swear to God on my life, I’m telling the truth. The second one at least I have something to back it up.

‚This reporter had an agenda from day one from the second she picked up paper it took her eight months.‘

‚People f***ing hate me because I interviewed Trump or I go on Tucker Carlson,‘ he added.’The woke cancel culture wants to cancel me. This is the next escalation and they’re like oh he wrote a rape joke in 2010 which I wouldn’t do now. 

‚He made a video at a porn convention, he must be a rapist and let’s just dig up every rock and I’m scared now.I’m scared because they’re asking for more. They’re asking the internet, ‚tell us bad stories about Dave Portnoy.‘ Well guess what? A lot of f***ing people hate me.‘

The reporter, Julia Black, said on Twitter that she’s never worked so hard on a story before.

‚I hope you’ll take some time to read it,‘ she said.’Thank you for the team at @insder for their support, and of course, the brave sources who spoke to me over the last 8 months.‘

‚I hope you’ll take some time to read it,‘ she said. ‚Thank you for the team at @insder for their support, and of course, the brave sources who spoke to me over the last 8 months.‘

Republican Sen. Josh Hawley said needed to ‚call men back to responsibility,‘ in a new interview that .   

‚Spending your time on video games, tube spending your time watching porn online while doing nothing is not good for you, your family, or this country,‘ Hawley said. 

The  Republican also suggested the left should be blamed for men’s undoing.  

Hawley sat down with Axios‘ Mike Allen, who asked him about recent remarks he made at the National Conservatism Conference over Halloween weekend in Orlando. 

There, he said ‚that after years of being told … that their manhood is the problem, more and more men are withdrawing into the enclave of idleness, and pornography, and video games.‘ 

‚We need the kind of men who make republics possible,‚ Hawley said.  

Allen wanted to know why Hawley saw masculinity as his ’new big issue.‘  

Republican Sen. Josh Hawley (right) talked to Axios‘ Mike Allen (left) about masculinity for an episode of Axios on HBO that aired Sunday

‚Well, what I think what the left is doing is attacking America,‘ Hawley replied. ‚They’re saying that America is systemically oppressive, and men are systemically responsible.‘ 

Hawley was then asked to define a man. 

‚Well, a man is a father, a man is a husband, a man is somebody who takes responsibility,‘ he answered.  

‚As conservatives, we’ve got to call men back to responsibility,‘ the Republican senator continued. 

He noted that more and more men aren’t working – and thus are playing video games and watching pornography, while also not getting married.   

Allen pushed back asking if Hawley meant what he was saying ‚literally‘ – that ‚what liberals are doing‘ was causing men to play more Donkey Kong and watch more PornHub.  

‚Well, what I mean literally is that the liberal attack, the leftwing attack on manhood says to men you’re part of the problem,‘ Hawley replied. ‚It says that your masculinity is inherently problematic, it’s inherently oppressive.‘ 

Hawley said ‚policy over many years‘ created this perceived problem.  

‚You’ve got 16 million men Mike, who are idle, who don’t have anything to do. Now partly that’s their own responsibility, but also it’s partly because jobs have dried up in many cities across America, and rural areas too,‘ Hawley said. 

‚I think you put together lack of jobs, you put together fatherlessness, you put together the social messages that we teach our kids at school,‘ he continued. ‚I think we have to confront that and its effects.‘  

Hawley said the left viewing masculinity as ‚oppressive‘ has caused men to watch porn and play video games, instead of getting married (stock image)