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A stockbroker who hanged himself while under suspicion of killing his ex-girlfriend called her a ‚piece of s**t‘ and confessed ‚most of the stuff you will hear is true‘ except for child porn allegations, in his suicide notes.

John Ozbilgen, 29, killed himself November 22, less than a month after Stephanie Parze, 25, went missing in New Jersey and two days after he was released from jail on a child pornography charge. 

Her mother reported her missing October 31 after she failed to show up to a babysitting job and didn’t respond to messages. 

In a 911 call her mother told the dispatcher she’d contacted Ozbilgen who said he’d seen her the night before.A week later he became a person of interest and cops soon discovered abusive images of children as young as three on his computer and phone.  

In two suicide notes made public by Monmouth Prosecutor’s Office on Monday after fragments were revealed last month, Ozbilgen addresses ‚Mom, Dad, Sal, Sammy‘, and another is addressed to an unnamed ex-girlfriend.

‚Sorry about all this crazyness, I’ve been miserable for so long now, I had enough …I can’t do life in prison,‘ Ozbilgen writes to his parents. ‚I dug myself in a deep hole. This is the only choice.‘   

John Ozbilgen, 29, (left) killed himself less than a month after Stephanie Parze, one punch man xxx 25, (right) went missing on October 30.Her body was discovered by two teenagers in the woods in Old Bridge, Middlesex, New Jersey, on January 27

In one of two suicide notes made public by Monmouth Prosecutor’s Office on Monday, Ozbilgen says: ‚I dug myself in a deep hole.This is the only choice‘. He tells his parents: ‚Most of the stuff you will hear is true exept (sic) the child porn, I would never do that‘

The other note is addressed to an ex-girlfriend he asks why she got a restraining order. He didn’t reference Parze by name but in one note referred to ‚the girl in the news‘ as a ‚piece of s***‘

Ozbilgen hung himself in his parent’s garage on November 22, two days after he was released by officers on an unrelated child pornography charge. Parze accused the stockbroker of striking her hand and back-handing her across the head. The man’s family said: ‚We don’t truly know what happened to Stephanie, but what we do know is John never said that he hurt Stephanie to us or in the note that he left.We believe he is innocent‘

In the note to his family he continues, ‚most of the stuff you will hear is true exept (sic) the child porn, I would never do that‘. 

Neither of the notes mentions Parze by name but in the note to an ex-girlfriend he references ‚the girl in the news,‘ referring to her as a ‚piece of s***‘. 

Ozbilgen had a history of violence towards big sexy women xxx, prosecutors said.In the last three years three had made domestic violence reports against him, one of those was Parze in September 23.

Another was an ex-girlfriend who told the that Ozbilgen had choked her unconscious more than once during sex and arguments.She later dropped the charges because she was unable to attend court.

In a note to one of his ex-girlfriends he tells her: ‚I love you so much little lady … I don’t know what I was thinking when I (messed) our relationship up.… Recently I tried to reach out to you, you got a restraining order? Why? At that moment I felt like my entire world ended.‘ 

He continues: ‚I really needed you in a huge way. Look at the mess I created. LOL.‘ 

Stephanie (pictured) of Middlesex, New Jersey, was last seen after spending a girls‘ night out with her mother and sister at Stress Factory. Her cell phone containing abusive messages from Ozbilgen was found in a couch

Mother Sharlene Parze (left) frantically called 911 after Stephanie (right) did not respond to her texts and the 25-year-old did not respond during checkups at her home

According to Parze’s Facebook profile, she was in a relationship with Ozbilgen from August 19 but at the time of her vanishing she was single. 

At the time, Ozbilgen was already under investigation by authorities after Parze filed a domestic violence complaint against him in September.  

New Jersey authorities discovered the body of Stephanie Parze (pictured) in a wooded area in Middlesex County in January