The coronavirus came like a thief in the night, taking us all by surprise.

What initially seemed surreal has now claimed over 40,000 lives and over 800,000 active cases globally. We are all hoping the medical scientists hit a breakthrough sooner than later, as the effects of the pandemic are devastating, to say the least. In this lockdown mode, it's not only business and shops have had to ghost down on their activities.

Dating and relationships seem to be taking a hit too.

There's a way around this, though. Thinking about it, the question shouldn't be whether or not you can date while the pandemic is still at large. The technology needed to make human interaction possible regardless of the difference in space and time isn't only available; it's also quite cheaply accessible.

Even if you're a baby boomer, I'd expect that you're at least remotely familiar with the reality that dating has, for several decades, found new modes of expression. You should know that several social media platforms and even dedicated dating apps allow you to connect with new people around the world.

Perhaps, you're clueless on how to do this? Not to worry, Calvary's here! Hem, I wish I could say the same words to the novel COVID-19 virus!

Whether you're looking to start a new relationship or just seeking healthy ways to navigate an existing one, your relationship life doesn't have to be glum for the length of this period.It all depends on how creative you can be. Let's go on to answer the important question.

How to date today

The coronavirus pandemic has temporarily changed the rules of dating. Nothing too weird, these guidelines are simply common sense rules optimized for your safety during this period.And if you intend to keep your relationship life active through this period, you're smart to consider them. Now, let's look at what the „new rules“ are.

1. are out of the question

For obvious reasons, anyone living in highly affected regions like China, Spain, Italy, the USA, where the impact of the virus is being hugely felt, would have to postpone in-person meetups with new dates.If you already live in the same home with your significant other, that's a whole different story. In such cases, if neither of you is showing any symptoms, some levels of closeness are acceptable.

But if you're just starting out, you know, single and ready to mingle- looking to get a new partner, then all in-person meetups would have to wait in the meantime.You don't want to risk infecting a potential lover, do you? Well, that's exactly what you're risking if you choose to flout the rule of social distance and decide to connect in close proximity with a date.

2. Online Dating is the Way Forward

With restaurants closed and many nations having national lockdowns, virtual dating channels are the go-to option for anyone looking to get a date and a convenient one at that.If you're new to the world of , getting started is just as easy as signing up for a new email: Choose a platform, click the signup option, fill the form and you're in.

From Tinder to Coffee meets bagel to, there's an endless list of apps for mobile devices that provide a platform for you to meet new people, potential lovers.Put some effort into creating a delectable profile.

Maybe be in the past, you've spoken condescendingly about online dating, well the reality is here: Online dating seems like your only option. Except, of course, you're happy to wait until after the pandemic to reignite your dating life.Remember to take advantage of video chat with apps like Face Time, Facebook Messenger, Skype, and a host of others that provide the human touch that's often necessary for online dating.

As the dating gets more intense, try not to do anything silly like kissing each other through your webcams, haha.On second thought, do whatever you like. After all, no one will be there to judge you (winks).

3. Can you have sex?

The New York City department of health and mental hygiene saw this question coming. On the 27th of March, they issued guidelines surrounding safe sex for as long as the pandemic remains undefeated.

Their position is, not having sex with anyone outside your immediate household is the safe thing to do. The full guidelines are available in a . The also did a piece on the subject a couple of days ago that covers what you need to know.

Although there currently is no information suggesting that COVID-19 is sexually transmitted, we're don't know all there is to be known about the COVID-19 virus. We do, however, know that COVID-19 is highly contagious, and small droplets of saliva that would invariably occur during kissing are channels of transmission.

The bottom line, to have sex now is to swim uncharted territories.But if you live with your boo or bae, and kampus terbaik di lampung neither of you is showing symptoms, then you may go ahead and hit a home run. Meanwhile, if any babies are made in the process, do us all a favor and don't name him corona or COVID or anything like that.

Final Words

If you're looking to build a long term relationship, these times could be a blessing in disguise.

The COVID situation has freed up your time so that you can get to more intimately know your lover. As much as you can, stay home. It's smart, it's safe, and if you're in a locked-down region, it's necessitated by law. You don't want any sanctions now, do you?

If you're going to choose to run wild in this season, make sure there's at least some method to your madness. Don't throw caution into the wind. May we all see the end of this!

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