I’m about smartphone but heat up lemon setup non-smart oh let’s find out hi my name is Charles and welcome to my smartphone during a video saguru it was a new and arenak number miss Martin saguru familiar KO hi Alex our series best way to explain your smartphone I compulsion electronic devices then up a network now put them on a console using your phone or other devices to make capabilities thermal control in this video I will explain my smart home journey first in a home on Omaha back the side : gamut inconsistent control my home so I have three options Marin Google home Amazon echo or your apple homekit I went with Google home the ill-feeling column must open source Shah from birthday Alex and Siri like start aho by purchasing a Wi-Fi enabled power strip for the reason at Inhotim at the hump in the tin you individual switch for example in laptop charger or you monitor then from there I started buying more devices the no.1 Google home then light switches smart plugs smart IR remote and another Google boom Paris a bathroom hardest Latin Grammys cannot own a Hindi smart capable you may smite capabilities lana merinov oh I own desk lamp stove n TV if you’re wondering sunbong epidemic start up o in the eCPM Adela’s con going now play the queen of controlling using my voice or my phone where the saguru sama flux electric fan or so charging I am an antagonist s of surround orful do some interaction of phone better imma have to log on so leave me my timer function or even even Emma here of about a new sub Safa then kumara minimal remotes a body weight in green shake controlled using google home the movie Lincoln amendment shell out Panama smile of a play them on palette on your light switch mode this is my wife I better not illa had my electrical wiring sevilla penis I’m a neutral line why do we put a wire said attrition number you know which I did or opt for other switches named Enoch Redick where non-neutral a the power strip or smartflex pala but I am the kind of waiting you ought to meet so waffle do you know how much I start my Gaston stomachs my toe actually depend assessor wax vape pen vendor, www.szgreenvape.com, needs no in Solana placement for less than three key you can buy a power strip and a beautiful mini I’m good thing them as a smart home I modular Shah and where the camp Amelie according to your needs and budget about the matica much matter I move anything you need small so there thank you for watching [Music]