The thing with the suicide bomber is you have to stop them pressing the detonator button, and even a jerk reaction from a kill shot can set them off, the only way is to make sure the spine is snapped before it has chance to give the command, and that means a ‘headshot’ and in particular one to the base of the skull, right where the spine connects with the brain. Body armour stops most weapons from penetrating the body, but you’ll never stop the velocity and something that hits you at even two hundred yards a second is going to literally ‘kick the crap’ out of you, and the Commando was about halfway at 700 yards a second, it would feel like you’d been hit with a sledgehammer at full swing. ‘Wait until you see the colour of their eyes’ was his thought, as they charged forward, he waited until they were right on the position then sprang out Glock at the ready, fired the first shot which missed, but wasn’t even noticed, the second caught the lead man in the neck, he went down and stayed down, shot three was at the second man, it hit square in the chest knocking him off his feet, shot four hit the next man in the leg, he was crippled, but not out of the fight.

The two AKs had moved slightly, so that they could give covering fire as the men approached, the men had been steadily approaching using ‘fire and maneuver’ to keep Smithy’s head down, normally he’d be returning fire to ‘win the firefight’ but they outnumbered him, straightforward tactics weren’t going to win this fight. Replacing the Glock in its holster he reached for the .303, sliding the bolt back he reached into the pouch on his right-hand side and took a clip out, five rounds in the clip, he placed it in the slot just behind the breach and using his right thumb slid all five rounds into the magazine, then did exactly the same with the next clip before sliding the bolt back home, he didn’t even check the safety, there was no need as the rifle wouldn’t ‘go off’ unless he pulled the trigger, and the pressure, at five pounds was pretty substantial for any rifle, another reason he loved the rifle so much. Jacko and Mac reached the edge of the wood just in time to see the second shot from the RPG rip the door clear from its hinges, they knew what the plan was, and they knew they only had seconds to get ready for it, two men headed around the back, and two others got ready for the front, three were heading inside while the front and back were guarded.

He was still inside the treeline, and they weren’t paying attention to it, he could see them, but they weren’t even looking for him, as soon as they got to the rear door he could see them preparing to go in, he guessed they were timing it with the team at the front, just as Jacko and he were using the entry to time their move. He raced forward, the Glock still had eleven rounds in the mag, he got to the one with the injured leg and shot him in the shoulder, the screams were unnerving for even him, and that was the intention, but he ignored it, he was here to take them down, but preferably with the maximum pain, the other guy was slowly climbing up and reaching for a weapon, one shot to the shoulder stopped that, but just to make sure Smithy kicked him on the other arm, he heard bone splinter, this guy was out of the fight, the screams from the two would unnerve the other shooters, there’d be time to sort them out later, he still had some stuff to deal with. The men were shouting instructions at the shooters, they were giving his position away, but he was already on the move, they were getting false information.

„They know they haven’t got much time before we get here“ Jacko’s voice came on the line, „I’m guessing they don’t think we’ve made it here yet, but they know we aren’t far away, they’re coming in hard and fast, but RELAX we have this under control! Three men were running to where Smithy had been, he was only ten feet to the side, but far enough they couldn’t see where he was, they were grouped pretty close together, but the .303 would be too slow to take all of them, he laid it down and reached for the Glock. The Glock pistol has a conventional magazine of seventeen rounds, powerful enough to do serious damage at close range, and is fully automatic it fires just as fast as he could pull the trigger, he just couldn’t keep the trigger pressed as it would only fire the one shot. ’ she reached out to her right, there was a small ledge there with a standard Army issue torch, nothing else was in the tunnel, no lights, nothing that could be used to light the way, just the torch, flicking the switch the torch came to life with a dull red glow, just enough for them to fumble their way into the tunnel to find the safe room.

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