Given this, ISAs who want to proceed to play competitively could view going to a U.S. An examination of the schools ranked in the highest 30 academically and the make-up of their tennis rosters could reveal a relationship. Additional, an evaluation of the Affiliation of Tennis Professionals (ATP) and Women’s Tennis Affiliation (WTA) rankings reveal that these ‘hot spots’ persist at the very best ranges of tennis. To what diploma is the United States Tennis Affiliation (USTA), the ITA, and NCAA focused on growing tennis from a financial, cultural, and expertise-primarily based perspective? Based on Gregory and Duvenhage, Spain and France, each in the top 5 for country of origin for males and females, are acknowledged by tennis experts as having a few of the very best tennis development programs on the earth. Information & World Report 2020). Of the top 13 colleges above, 4 are in the PAC Twelve, six are within the ACC, two, within the SEC, and one, in the big Ten.

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