Many people would like to set up an ice-cream shop in the summertime. If they plan to run the business of ice cream, they’ll need to purchase the ice cream machine. Many people aren’t aware of the prices of the market for the machine, which is why we ask around to find out what the market value is of the ice cream maker.

Hommy is a professional company to design products. There are professional refrigeration engineers and software engineers as well as structural engineers to ensure the quality of the product is high and durable. In addition the individual design is added to make it easier for future after-sales assistance. Hommy’s ice-cream machine is a reliable product.

Hommy has a team of professionals to design products. There are professional refrigeration engineers, software engineers, and structural engineers to ensure that the product quality is stable and durable. Additionally personalization is added to make it easier for future after-sales services. Hommy ice cream machine is an item that is worth trust.

Hommy’s vending machines have modern designs and is a boldly original. Hommy specializes in making food equipment, including vending machines that sell ice cream to different catering establishments, and is responsible for the setting up as well as the delivery and pick-up of these machines. The equipment for custom-made items includes ice cream manufacturing equipment maker automatic espresso machine, pizza machine, and beverage machine. Contact us today!

Hommy have produce an ice cream machine with 20 years of experience, vending machines for ice cream add additional functions soft ice cream as there is no one who can service it continuously . Based on this, we with a further sensor and then use software to manage it. It is high-quality and performs a great purpose .

The benefits of an automatic ice cream machine are also reflected in the expenses such as rent, labor cost, electricity and total operating expenses. When these expenses are calculated and compared to the costs of traditional stores are more expensive than the ones of an automated ice cream machine. The sales mode is an additional advantage of an automated machine for making ice cream. Automated ice cream machines are an advanced black technology that has its own traffic and hot spots that draw attention of consumers, while traditional stores still need to sell using a traditional method of selling.

The market of ice cream makers priced at 3-4 thousand dollars is popular. This is the average cost for ice cream machines on the ice-cream machine marketplace. The typical cost of an ice cream machine is about three to four thousand dollars. Ice cream machines are simpler to operate and offer more functions.

Ice cream machines can be found in a variety of costs between thousands and thousands of Yuan. While they’re quite affordable at a mere few hundred yuan each however, their usage is very limited. Most of the time, no one purchases these machines. Most of the time, ice cream machines are at the price hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The Hommy vending machines have an elegant design and is boldly ingenuous. Hommy specialises in the manufacture of food equipment, including vending machines for ice cream at many catering establishments. Hommy is accountable for the installation collection, delivery and pickup of these machines. At the same time, the equipment of custom-made products includes ice maker beverage machine, pizza machine, popcorn machine, and more! Please feel free to contact us!

Hommy ice cream machine is equipped with a mixer for hoppers, which can effectively mix products and ensure consistent quality and distribution that the customer can count on. Desserts are distributed evenly every time.

Have you ever eaten McDonald’s ice cream Do you know the company that makes McDonald’s Ice cream? Now let’s be close to the hommy automatic production equipment for ice cream and get a deep understanding of it.

Consider the benefits of an automated ice-cream maker as well as a manufacturing machine that is in operation. This is a good way to compare it to traditional ice cream shops which are more evident. Traditional ice cream stores usually need to cover an area that is between 10 and 30 square metres, and they require transfer charges. Additionally, they must deal with the fact that it may be difficult to locate a store. The fully automated ice cream machine made by hommy occupies only 0.85 square meters. It has only a small amount of land, and a wide selection of settled locations. Although traditional ice cream shops require a particular design and elegant decor to attract customers, it can also be costly. This isn’t a problem with an automated ice cream machine. A single machine can handle everything with no store decoration.

The HOMMY vending machine accepts WeChat Alipay sweep code payment, brush payment or credit card or Apple Pay payment, providing various flavors, co-location with green jam as well as dairy items. Prices vary from 8-12 Yuan.